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Kimberley Walsh In A Tight Blue Dress7.5

I think these Kimberley Walsh photos are great. I mean, they’re just so simple but at the same time, they’re so sexy. Kimberley really picked the absolute perfect dress to show off her killer body without making it look like she was trying to show off her killer body. Sometimes I feel that women in the entertainment industry try too hard to be sexy all the time. Sometimes it works but sometimes it comes off as looking trashy or desperate. Kimberley has avoided that here by choosing her dress well. It’s flattering. It’s sexy. It’s a great color. Everything about these photos works, at least in my eyes. Great shots.
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Rihanna Goes less In Monaco7.8

I think Rihanna is stunning. I think she’s just absolutely gorgeous. I don’t care if she’s all glammed up for a photoshoot or keeping it casual as she is in these photos that were snapped in Monaco. In all honesty, I almost prefer these more candid shots because they give us a look at who Rihanna really is. She isn’t the girl the public sees if they just look at videos, red carpet photos, performance pictures and photoshoots. She’s far more relaxed and laid back than some of her more “done up” looks might suggest. I think these photos really show that. I love this Rihanna. I would want to hang out with this Rihanna. I like glamorous Rihanna too but in a different way. I look at glammed up Rihanna and I want to stare at her for hours on end but I look at this candid Rihanna and I want to be her friend.
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Holly Madison Shows Off Her Curves In Las Vegas5.8

There was a time when I didn’t care much for Holly Madison but over the last little while, she’s really grown on me. I suppose I’ve just seen more photos as of late that have appealed to me. These photos are a great example of that. I love the fresh faced look Holly has going on here. Although she’s clearly wearing quite a bit of makeup and has had her hair styled, there is still something almost natural looking about these photos, snapped in Las Vegas. Perhaps it’s just the way she’s posing here. In any event, I’m really feeling these photos. Sometimes Holly looks a little too overdone for me but she’s gotten it just right here. I really like these photos. I hope to see more like them in the future.
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Kimberley Garner Is Looking Especially Gorgeous In London8.5

I know this isn’t a fashion site by any means and most of the people who come here are looking for boobs and butts but I have to take just a moment to talk about the dress Kimberley Garner is wearing in these photos, snapped in London. I love this dress in a way I don’t typically like dresses. See, I’m not exactly what one would call a fashionista. I like the way dresses make women look sometimes but I don’t get all “I have to have that dress!” over things most of the time. This would be an exception. I love the pattern of this dress. I love the cut. I love the length. Of course, it looks far better on Kimberley than it would ever look on me but I love it all the same. These photos are great. Kimberley looks lovely and the dress is killer. Well done, lady.
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Rita Ora Looks Gorgeous In London5.5

I’ve given Rita Ora a lot of guff in the past and have said I don’t find her especially attractive. That is not the case with these photos. I think she looks absolutely lovely here. I am not a huge fan of the outfit but it’s very Rita. She likes loud patterns and bold colors so I’d say this look about nails it on all fronts. It’s also very flattering and shows off her gorgeous legs so yes, I’d have to say I’m a fan. In these photos, snapped as Rita leaves the Sony Music Studios in London, Rita shows off what I like most about her – her bold personality. This is a young lady who likes to look good but also isn’t afraid of taking chances with her fashion. She also manages to take those chances without looking like she’s trying to be shocking or outrageous. Great photos.
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My Oh Miley! Miley Cyrus Flashes Some Vag8.5

We get it. Miley Cyrus has gone a bit loopy lately but really, is anyone surprised? Right around the time she started exploring a more mature, more adult side of herself, I knew she’d eventually go to far with it and I don’t think that’s the big problem everyone seems to think it is. Of course, I’m a little out of touch with the celebrity gossip world as of late so maybe I’ve missed something. All I know is that, to me, Miley looks incredible in these shots. Is she showing a little more than she intended to? I sincerely doubt it. I don’t care. It seems a little desperate to me but it got people talking. I guess that’s her prerogative. I just hope she doesn’t go too far with the going too far. Once you reach a certain point, it’s hard to get back again. My fingers are crossed for her. I hope she’s one of the good stories and not one of the tragic ones.
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Hot Russian Model Natalia Proza Soaking Wet And less7.5

Um … wow. I don’t even know what else to say about these scorching hot photos of gorgeous Russian model, Natalia Proza. I mean, what can I say that the photos don’t say for me? Of course, the shots of Natalia with the soaking wet shirt clinging to her breasts are sure to get the most attention but the rest of the photos are gorgeous as well. I’m not all that familiar with Natalia’s work but I’d really, really like to change that after seeing these shots. The woman is just on fire here. I love everything about every single one of these photos. I dare say this is the hottest set of photos I’ve posted today.
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Rosie Huntington In A 8.6

Yup. Rosie Huntington in a bikini. Do I even need to say more? This woman is so incredibly stunning it’s ridiculous. She has a killer body, a beautiful face and that long flowing hair that just makes me weak in the knees. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite feature but if I was forced to, I might go with those lips of hers. Of course, the rest of her is smoking hot too. We see a lot of hot bodies on this site but Rosie has a truly gorgeous face to go with it. Her features are just stunning. While she isn’t my favorite model, she’s definitely up there close to the top of the list.
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Jessica A In A Hot, Body Hugging Dress7.7

One can never say they love Jessica Alba enough so I’m going to go ahead and say it again. I love Jessica Alba. This woman is just so freaking hot she burns my eyes and I’m perfectly fine with it. Here at Spike TV’s Guys Choice 2013 in Culver City, Jessica is definitely giving the guys what they want but is still managing to keep it classy. I love that about her. This dress shows a bit of cleavage and hugs her body is such a sexy way yet it doesn’t make her look trashy or desperate. While I typically prefer casual shots of Jessica where she’s not all glammed up with a lot of makeup and hair fussing, these photos work for me too. Great shots. Well done, Jessica.
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Another Hot Kate Upton Shoot7.6

Kate Upton is pretty much the girl of my dreams. She’s sexy. She’s got a killer body. She’s confident and she also doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. A lot of people have said she’s a bit too round to be a lingerie model but I think that’s total hogwash. She’s gorgeous and these photos are absolutely killer. I think this woman is curvy in all the right places but more than that, she’s a woman that genuinely seems comfortable in her own skin. There’s nothing sexier than confidence, at least in my opinion. She’s definitely one of my favorite models at the moment. It’s always a pleasure to have the chance to write about her.
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A Very Pregnant Jaime King Out In LA6.7

I freaking adore Jaime King. I mean, I absolutely love her. I have loved her for longer than I can remember. It’s a real shame I don’t have the opportunity to post about her on here more often. I think she’s a stunningly beautiful woman with tons of talent. It’s nice to see these photos of Jaime out and about in LA showing off her baby bump because first, she looks incredible and second, she looks happy and healthy. Jaime has been through her fair share of personal problems and it’s nice to see she’s been able to overcome all of it. She’s a strong, confident, beautiful woman with tons of talent. I think she’ll be a wonderful mother.
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Nicole Scherzinger Looks A Bit Sleepy But Still Hot7.8

They must be running poor Nicole Scherzinger ragged because the poor thing looks beat in these photos yet somehow, she still looks incredibly gorgeous. I really like Nicole. For those of you that don’t know, Nicole is one of the HQ-Celebrity All Stars nominated for our first HQ-Celebrity Hottie of the Week feature (Check out our Facebook page for more details) and I can see why. Her body is ridiculous and that face of hers is pretty close to perfection. It’s no wonder men (and women) love her so much. I really like these photos a lot for a few reasons. First, I like seeing Sharon Osbourne pop up in them (I’m a huge Sharon fan) and second, I think the dress Nicole is wearing here is absolutely incredible. Great pictures all around.
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Ashley Tisdale Gets Gas In Studio City7.8

So a short time ago, I wrote about some shots of Ashley Tisdale shopping in Studio City and I talked a lot about being underwhelmed with those photos. I found them a bit on the boring side. Surely photos of Ashley getting gas in Studio City couldn’t be more exciting than photos of her shopping, right? Surprisingly enough, wrong! I really like these photos. I really like Ashley’s casual look here. I think she looks pretty without looking like she’s trying too hard. I always really appreciate that. I also really like her shirt. I want that shirt. I want to be wearing that shirt now. Perhaps that’s why I think these photos are so great.
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Emily Ratajkowski Is So Freaking Hot I’m Melting6.5

It’s so very good to see Emily Ratajkowski getting the attention she deserves. This woman is just so incredibly stunning it’s a little hard to believe. Her body is on fire and those eyes of hers? Please. I don’t think it would be possible for me to love these photos more. They’re just incredible. She is a little bit thinner than the type of girl I’m normally attracted to but despite what some say, I don’t think she looks unhealthy. I think what really gets me about these photos though is the gritty nature of them. That sort of thing is always appealing to me. I like a model that can make grit look good. Fantastic shots.
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Emily Shaw Perplexes Me5.6

I haven’t heard of every single beautiful woman in the world or even every single beautiful woman in the entertainment industry so every now and again, I come across a celebrity I have to research. I typically make Wikipedia my first stop and if Wiki is no help, I head on over to Google. Here’s what I learned when I Wikied/Googled Emily: not a damn thing. I have no idea who this girl is even though she looks especially familiar. Is she an actress? Musician? Model? No idea. I’m leaning more toward modeling but I don’t know. So what do I actually know? I know I love these photos. Emily is a beautiful, beautiful woman with an incredible body. These are some smoking hot photos, even if I don’t know a thing about the woman in them.
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Bar Refaeli Takes A Stroll In NYC5.7

I rarely see photos of Bar Refaeli that I would call underwhelming. These photos? Yeah … kind of underwhelming. Bar looks incredible in them, of course. I mean, she’s Bar Refaeli. How could she look anything other than gorgeous? I just find them a bit on the boring side overall. The shots, snapped as she takes a stroll in NYC, just don’t get me going the way Bar Refaeli photos normally do. They’re good but they’re not really anything special. I do like her outfit though, so I guess that has to count for something. I guess I’m just used to seeing photos of Bar that are so smoking hot that I can barely handle it. Some might say, her past photos have set the bar too high. Ha. Thanks folks. I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waiter.
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