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Kim Kardashian Sure Does Like Her Body6.5

I have a lot of respect for women with confidence. I really do. So I should really respect Kim Kardashian because, say what you want about her, she definitely has a lot of confidence. Of course, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance and that is why I don’t really care for Kim. She doesn’t just cross that line, she does cartwheels over it. I love her and Kanye West as a couple because I don’t think they could possibly be more perfect for each other. Kim bugs me. She really does but I can’t deny she looks pretty damn good most of the time. Oddly enough, I don’t find that true in these photos. She looks alright, I guess, kind of but I’m not really loving the outfit. It seems ill fitting and a little desperate. Don’t worry, Kim. If your star starts to fade, you can always just pop out another kid. Seemed to do the trick last time.
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Stunning Sophie Turner Pics7.5

Well, it sure just got hot in here. Thanks for that, Sophie Turner. My good heavens – just look at the body on this woman. In these photos, taken at Hermosa Beach, California, we see Sophie looking just as gorgeous as ever and then some. A while back, I wrote that I wanted to like Sophie but said there was something about her that rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t know what I was thinking. I think I may have hit my head before I wrote that post or something because I was clearly not thinking straight. Any doubts I had about Sophie disappeared long ago. Love her and I absolutely adore these photos.
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Kim Kardashian And Her Baby Bump5.7

So I’m going to go right ahead and assume these are old photos of Kim Kardashian what with the fact that she’s already had her baby. Let’s talk about that for a minute. While it was pretty safe to assume Kim and Kanye would name their baby something weird, the whole North West thing just … well, I’ll say this for it: it’s far from the weirdest celebrity baby name I’ve ever heard and it doesn’t even really come close. I appreciate the fact that she gave her baby a name that breaks the apparent “k” rule going on in the family. I also respect her decision to not feature her child on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and all of the related shows. I’m sure a lot of people wanted her to have the baby make an appearance or two but she really seems committed to keeping the baby out of the spotlight. While we can probably expect an exclusive photoshoot with some magazine or website, that actually reduces the paparazzi attention a little bit. I know this sounds crazy, but I’m actually starting to respect Kim a little bit. Never thought I’d be able to say that.
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Selena Gomez Is As Pretty As Always8.7

Selena Gomez is becoming quite the beautiful young lady. She has this classy, sophisticated thing about her but at the same time, she has this sexy thing going on as well. There was a time that I would have insisted Selena was far more adorable than sexy but that is changing as she matures. She isn’t trying to rush things at all. I know I say that about her every time I write about her photos but I think it’s important to mention. So many other starlets her age try so hard to prove they’re growing up so they can appeal to a more mature fanbase but Selena seems content to just be herself. I find that incredibly refreshing. I hope she keeps on with that trend.
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Kendall Jenner Tries To Go Incognito?7.5

The hat isn’t fooling anyone, Kendall Jenner. We all know who you are. It’s gonna take a lot more than a hat and some dark glasses to conceal your identity. I’m kidding of course. Kendall likely wasn’t going for anonymity here. I think she understands, even at her young age, that anonymity isn’t something she can get. I think Kendall chose this outfit for fashion related purposes and I’m glad she did. I think she looks fantastic. I love everything about this outfit and I love everything about the way it looks on her. Maybe she was just looking for something low key. If that was the intention, she nailed it. She looks gorgeous here. The hat and the glasses bring an element of mystery and I find that appealing. Great shots of a pretty young lady.
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Elizabeth Hurley Gets Her PDA On In Las Vegas7.7

Man, I love Elizabeth Hurley. She’s just such a very, very beautiful woman. My love her her is a big part of the reason I love these photos, snapped at a hotel pool in Las Vegas, so very much. It’s nice to see her happy and she certainly looks happy here. I know she’s occasionally had a rough go of it in the romance department but maybe that has finally come to an end and she’s met the right man. And of course she looks fabulous here. I mean, it’s Elizabeth Hurley. She always looks fabulous.
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Heather Graham Is One Of My Favorite Actresses8.5

I have been in love with Heather Graham for longer than I can even remember. There’s just something about her that I can’t get enough of. I just don’t exactly know what that ‘something’ is. Perhaps it’s the fact that Heather has always seemed to do things her own way. She hasn’t always gone for the roles that offer the biggest paycheck. She’s the kind of actress that takes the roles she wants to take. She does the things she wants to do. I think that’s admirable. There must be some temptation to just give in and be the person people want her to be but Heather doesn’t seem willing to give in to that temptation. In these photos, snapped in LA, Heather is looking fabulous. Her hair looks great. The dress is great. Overall, she just looks great. I don’t think I could like these photos more than I already do.
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Melissa Riso Absolutely Slays Me5.7

Give me a minute to compose myself please. I feel I may need it. Melissa Risso. Holy Hannah. So hot. In this sexy photo shoot in Hollywood, Melissa is looking absolutely killer. I love the poses. I love the outfits. I love the expression on her face. Usually I prefer one picture over another, at least by the slimmest of margins, but such is not the case here. I think every single one of these photos is fantastic. I guess if I had to choose, I might go with the first photo as my favorite but they really are terrific shots from start to finish. Kudos to the photographer for taking such excellent snaps. I have to say though, working with a model this incredibly beautiful must make the job a little bit easier.
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Bar Refaeli Takes A Stroll In NYC5.7

I rarely see photos of Bar Refaeli that I would call underwhelming. These photos? Yeah … kind of underwhelming. Bar looks incredible in them, of course. I mean, she’s Bar Refaeli. How could she look anything other than gorgeous? I just find them a bit on the boring side overall. The shots, snapped as she takes a stroll in NYC, just don’t get me going the way Bar Refaeli photos normally do. They’re good but they’re not really anything special. I do like her outfit though, so I guess that has to count for something. I guess I’m just used to seeing photos of Bar that are so smoking hot that I can barely handle it. Some might say, her past photos have set the bar too high. Ha. Thanks folks. I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waiter.
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Nicky Hilton Is My Favorite Hilton8.5

As I’ve made fairly clear in the past, Paris Hilton is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine. I like her but I’m not entirely sure why I like her. Nicky Hilton isn’t like that for me. I like Nicky because she doesn’t seem to be quite as, um, Hilton as her sister and I appreciate that. She’s stylish, pretty but doesn’t seem to come with all the drama one gets with Paris. I really find that appealing. I think Nicky would be fun to hang out with in a relaxed, kind of casual environment while Paris would be more fun to hit the town with. Since hitting the town isn’t my idea of a good time, Nicky is my favorite. I also find her more attractive than Paris although that is a decision based entirely on my own personal taste. I’m sure many others disagree. Nicky also happens to be the sister whose closet I would most like to raid. The first thing I’d borrow? This dress she’s wearing in these photos from New York. It’s fashionable but not so ‘fashionable’ I would look like an idiot wearing it. It’s casual, it’s cute and it looks comfortable. I might wear it with heels instead of flats though. All in all, great pictures.
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Very Delayed Joanna Krupa Halloween Photos5.6

Yes, it’s been a long time since we’ve offered you new photos to drool over but hopefully, these ones will make up for it. They’re pretty old now but come on – they’re Joanna Krupa dressed up as the world’s sexiest angel at a Halloween Party in West Hollywood. Like we weren’t going to share them just because they’re old? Craziness. This woman is so smoking hot it defies all reason and logic and she’s barely wearing anything at all. Maybe that’s not exactly angelic but I’m sure these shots were still worth the wait.
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Christina Aguilera Looks Amazing5.8

A lot of people gave Christina Aguilera a hard time about her weight for a long time and I don’t think that’s fair at all. She was a little larger than she used to be for a long time but I always thought she was super sexy – one of the sexiest women in the entertainment industry, in my opinion. It is nice to see her slimming down and toning up again though. She just looks a bit healthier and a bit happier. For me though, Christina’s appeal has never solely been about her looks. I’ve been a huge fan of this lady’s voice since I was a teenager and that has never changed. It’s nice to see her back with Adam Levine and the gang again for The Voice. She was always one of my favorite coaches although I have to admit, I really did like Shakira a lot. All the same, Christina looks incredible in these photos. She’s a beautiful woman with a ton of talent.
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Nina Agdal Is A Work Of Art5.6

I am not exaggerating in the least with this title. Nina Agdal really is a work of art. She looks like she was molded out of clay at the hands of an especially talented artist who wanted to visually represent the word ‘stunning’. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit but not much, let me tell you. These photos are just a few examples of the hottness that is Nina but they’re pretty damn good examples. Her body is incredible. Her face is beautiful. She has this natural ease and confidence in front of the camera. Everything about this lady is fabulous and these shots? Perfect. Flawless – each as good as the last.
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Leilani Dowding Is So Hot On Her Surfboard7.5

I think Leilani Dowding is one seriously sexy babe and to me, that is quite clear in these photos of Leilani enjoying a little time in the water in Venice Beach. Every one of these shots is great. Leilani just seems to be having such a great time and of course, she looks hot as hell as she does it. I love the bikini. It actually looks king of comfortable – something I’m not used to being able to say about bikinis. This is woman with just a ton of confidence. She is comfortable in her own skin. Of course, she has every reason to be. I think the last photo is probably my favorite but they’re all fantastic.
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Rita Ora May Have Forgotten The Rest Of Her Outfit6.5

I will be the first person to admit that I am what some may call “fashion challenged”. I know what I like, I know what I don’t like but I can’t tell you what is popular or trendy. I can’t imagine that choosing to wear a blazer without anything under it is a current trend though. Then again, in this day and age it very may well be. Oh I kid Rita Ora. She looks lovely in these photos snapped at an MTV press conference in Valletta. I’m not sure I totally “get” what she’s going for here fashionwise but she does look great and I can’t argue with that. I really like Rita. She’s unique, fun and seems to really know how to enjoy herself.
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Reese Witherspoon In A Conservative Swimsuit In Malibu6.8

So I’ve talked a lot about my sort of back and forth attitude when it comes to Reese Witherspoon but in these photos, I’m not seeing a lot to complain about. I know there are lots of people out there, however, who are going to feel differently. She isn’t wearing an itty bitty bikini and that’s going to bother some people. These shots show Reese wearing a swimsuit at a beach in Malibu that is probably going to be deemed too conservative by some but I think it’s a great suit. It isn’t super sexy but it looks comfortable and I find that appealing. There’s something about a woman that can put comfort over sexiness every once in a while. For these photos, at least, I’m a fan.
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