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Kimberley Garner Shows Off Her Gorgeous Legs In London8.6

I really like the outfit Kimberley Garner chose for the Summer Party in London. It shows off her legs and flatters her shape without showing a whole lot of skin. I also like the fact that I’m quite certain I have a dress fairly similar to this one in my closet right now. I always like seeing celebs in clothes similar to clothes I own because it makes me feel like their fashion is a little more accessible and that’s important to me. While some celebs can get away with wearing things no average girl would wear, many can’t. Kimberley has chosen something that the average girl could wear. She also happens to look fantastic. Great shots.
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Doutzen Kroes Keeps It Casual In NYC7.6

I am a big Doutzen Kroes fan so it pains me to say I don’t really like these photos. She looks great, of course, but she’s a great looking woman so that’s kind of expected. To me though, these photos don’t really offer anything special and that’s fine with me. No one expects a woman to look runway ready every second of every day and Doutzen strikes me of the kind of woman that wouldn’t bother putting on a bunch of makeup or getting her hair done just to head out in NYC for an afternoon. I like that about her, actually. She doesn’t seem to be so hung up on how she looks that she can’t leave the house without spending an hour getting ready and I find that especially appealing but for me, these photos just kind of lack that oomph I usually expect from Doutzen. It doesn’t change my opinion of her in the least though. I still think she’s one of the sexiest women in the modeling industry today. These photos just aren’t my favorites.
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Rita Ora Lounging By A Pool In Ibiza6.6

I love these photos of Rita Ora. I’d even go so far as to say they’re among the best photos of Rita Ora I’ve seen in quite some time. They’re definitely among my favorites. I don’t know why, but there’s just something about these photos of Rita relaxing at a pool in Ibiza that does it for me. It could be her killer bikini body. It could also be her laid back sort of attitude. I’m not used to seeing Rita that way. She’s always struck me as a very fun loving girl but these shots show a more casual side of her and I really like that. She looks like she’s really enjoying herself. Yes, I really like these shots a lot.
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Rose McGowan Is, Without Question, My Biggest G Crush8.6

I have a lot of girl crushes. I have a lot of big time girl crushes. There’s Carmen Electra – one of my first girl crushes – and Sandra Bullock. There’s Katy Perry and Rihanna. There’s Fairuza Balk. There’s Kate Beckinsale. I have a lot of girl crushes for a straight chick. I get that. None of those crushes, however, outshines my girl crush on Rose McGowan. I’d consider switching teams for a lot of the women I just mentioned but there would be no consideration involved with Rose. I adore her. She’s stunning. I don’t care how much work she’s had done. I don’t even really care what she looks like. My crush on Rose is all about her attitude. She’s just a confident, tough, independent, outspoken woman and I am so incredibly attracted to all of those qualities. These photos, shot in Paris, show the glammed up Rose I so love seeing. I love this woman. Marry me, Rose! That’s perfectly legal here. Of course, I’m already married but I’m sure something could be arranged.
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Paris Hilton Out With Her Man In LA7.6

Gotta admit – I had a little bit of a crush on Paris Hilton’s boyfriend when we first saw photos of him but thought he was a little too primped for my taste. Now that I’m seeing him looking a bit more casual, I think I like him primped a bit more. He’s a pretty good looking guy either way though. None of that matters though. I’m supposed to be talking about Paris, not her boyfriend. If I’m being honest though, I don’t really have a lot to say about Paris in these photos (shot in Los Angeles) to be honest. She looks great, just as she always does. Her outfit is great. Her hair is great. It’s all great. If I’m being honest though, I find these pictures a little underwhelming – something I can’t typically say about Paris Hilton photos.
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Claudia Romani Always Looks Stunning8.7

There are a few girls I write about here on a regular basis that I can write a post about without even looking at the photos. Claudia Romani is one of these women. Before I even open the photos, I know she’s going to look incredible. I also know she’s likely going to be wearing a bikini. I like that about her. I rarely see photos of this woman dressed in anything more than swimwear which leads me to believe she never wearing anything other than swimwear. If I looked like here, I doubt I would wear much more than a bikini either. Of course I always still look at the photos. It would be silly not to. Why deprive myself the chance to feast on my eyes on a lovely sight like this one? In these photos from Miami, Claudia is looking every bit as sexy as I always expect her to look. Another set of great photos of this exceptionally beautiful lady.
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Kim Kardashian Had A Birthday Or Something5.6

I dunno, guys. I’m really kinda over Kim Kardashian. I always disliked her as a person but still thought she was stunning. Now … well, she’s still stunning. I just don’t care about her stunning-ness anymore. There are many, many far more attractive women in the entertainment industry I’d rather be looking at. Does she look hot in these shots from her birthday party in Las Vegas? Yeah, I suppose. Do I care? Nope. I think Kim could take a stroll down Rodeo in her birthday suit and I’d still find the pics boring. I can’t be the only person that feels that way.
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Eva Longoria Kills Me Inside In The Best Possible Way6.8

There isn’t a single thing I don’t love about Eva Longoria. She’s smart. She’s sexy. She’s outspoken and she’s a lot more talented than people give her credit for. I think these shots, snapped in LA, really show what I love most about Eva. This woman can leave the house without putting a huge amount of effort into her appearance and still look gorgeous. It doesn’t look like she’s wearing a whole lot of makeup here and not a lot of effort has gone into her hairstyle yet she’s still a total knockout. I love red carpet pics of Eva when she’s all glammed up but there is definitely something to be said for casual shots. Love this woman. Always a pleasure to write about her.
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Kendall Jenner Tries To Go Incognito?6.7

The hat isn’t fooling anyone, Kendall Jenner. We all know who you are. It’s gonna take a lot more than a hat and some dark glasses to conceal your identity. I’m kidding of course. Kendall likely wasn’t going for anonymity here. I think she understands, even at her young age, that anonymity isn’t something she can get. I think Kendall chose this outfit for fashion related purposes and I’m glad she did. I think she looks fantastic. I love everything about this outfit and I love everything about the way it looks on her. Maybe she was just looking for something low key. If that was the intention, she nailed it. She looks gorgeous here. The hat and the glasses bring an element of mystery and I find that appealing. Great shots of a pretty young lady.
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Ciara Looks Lovely7.5

I really like Ciara but here’s the honest truth – I much prefer casual, candid shots of her over red carpet shots and performance pics like these ones that were snapped as she performs at the Ditch Pool & Dayclub in Las Vegas. These shots are nice and all but Ciara’s looking a little too polished for my taste. Ciara is a natural beauty. She doesn’t need all that time in the hair and makeup chair to look gorgeous. I think that should be celebrated. Of course, she looks fantastic here as well. They’re just not the best pictures I’ve ever seen of this gorgeous and talented woman.
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A Very Pregnant Raffaella Fico On The Runway In Milan7.5

So here we have some shots of a Raffaella Fico looking very pregnant in a bikini on the runway in Milan and I gotta say – I really like the photos. I love the expression on her face in that first shot. I’m not sure exactly what that expression says but I think it’s absolutely adorable. I have to hand it to the designer who put on this show. Not a lot of designers would put one of their models up on the runway looking that pregnant but honestly, I really like the results. I’m not one of those people that thinks a woman is at her most beautiful when she’s pregnant but I do like the idea that there are people out there willing to show us that pregnant women can feel just as sexy and confident as non-pregnant women. This isn’t exactly a bare naked photoshoot on the cover of a magazine but I kind of prefer this.
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Gorgeous Nina Agdal Lingerie Shoot7.5

There is so much to love about this Nina Agdal lingerie photoshoot. Somewhere right around the top of that list is the fact that the shoot shows Nina Agdal in lingerie. You really can’t go wrong there. Her body is on fire and she has that gorgeous face to match. Simply stunning. I suppose what I like most about these photos is the simplicity in them. There is no elaborate background. It’s just Nina looking hot as hell on a plain blue background and there’s really something to be said for that. I don’t think I can really choose a favorite Nina Agdal photoshoot but I dare say this one would be pretty close to the top of the list.
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Jada Pinkett Smith Looks Exceptionally Hot In Hawaii8.7

I have never understood why Jada Pinkett Smith gets as much hate as she does. I think she’s a beautiful, talented woman that seems to really have herself together. She also seems like she’s a great mother to her children with husband, Will Smith, but for some reason, people still like to give her a hard time. I’m not one of those people. I don’t know what the deal is with Will and Jada’s marriage but it’s none of my business and it has no impact on how I feel about either of them. I think Will is great as well. In these photos of Jada in Hawaii, we get to see that incredible body of hers and I like that. Jada is a strong, confident woman and I respect her for that. There are a lot of bad role models out there for young woman and I definitely don’t feel Jada is one of them.
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Naya Rivera Looks Stunning At The 2013 MMVAs7.6

Oh Naya Rivera. How much do I freaking love Naya Rivera? While I haven’t loved Glee as much as I did in season one for quite some time now, I still love my Naya. The woman is so beautiful and so talented. I can’t wait to see what next season will have in store for Santana Lopez although I have to be honest, I’m a little unsure of what the show is going to be like without Cory Monteith. He was such a big part of the show. Even if they bring Mark Salling, Amber Reilly, Heather Morris and Harry Shum Jr. back to try to fill the void, the show will never be the same. At least seeing Naya will give me a reason to find out because I’m not sure I’d tune in otherwise. Anyway, back to the subject at hand which is, of course, these gorgeous shots of Naya at the 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto. I love the outfit she chose and I love her hair and makeup. The lady looks incredible. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this woman, on Glee and beyond.
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Nina Agdal Shows Off Her Legs In New York7.8

I really like Nina Agdal. She’s taken a bit of heat for her personal life in some circles as of late but I don’t feel that’s even worth getting into. This woman is beautiful and she’s also old enough to make her own decisions. Is she in for heartbreak? Maybe, maybe not. It’s no one’s business but her own. In these shots taken in New York City, we really get a good look at what it is that makes Nina so special. Yes, she’s gorgeous and yes, she has a killer body but she’s also unique. She doesn’t look like a million other models. I’m not sure if it’s her facial features themselves or if it’s just a vibe she gives off but no matter what it is, it works for her and it makes her stand out. I think this lady’s great.
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Serinda Swan Shows Off Her Body But Stays Classy5.8

Serinda Swan is definitely one of my favorite young ladies working in the entertainment industry today. She’s beautiful, talented and doesn’t seem to be letting the spotlight go to her head. The outfit she’s chosen for this red carpet event is perfect, in my opinion. It shows off her body and makes her look extremely sexy but it’s still classy and formal. Sometimes young performers miss the mark in the classy department in an attempt to get noticed but Serinda doesn’t seem to fall victim to that. Lovely young lady. I can’t wait to see more of her.
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